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Scott and Becky Tourville

becky and scott gosple lighthouse church racine

Joe and Trionne Herling

 Joe and Trionne have been married for 43 yrs. Joe is a Deacon of GLH and Trionne is our Women’s Ministry Leader. They’ve both been in ministry and leaders for approximately 30 yrs. We are proud to say, these two were part of the OG Joe gave his life to the Lord 41 yrs ago when he heard of the saving power of Jesus in 1976 while he was in the racine County Jail. At that time he was getting ready to get sent back to prison for the second time after only being out for 6 months. Upon getting released from jail on bond he got married and employment. When he returned to court the Lord performed a miracle and he received probation on top of his parole. Joe still wasn’t fully committed to living for Christ, so he drifted back to his old ways for about 2yrs. After those two yrs he completely dedicated his life to Jesus and has been living for Him ever since. 

Tony and Katrina Perales

Reuben and Bri Jaramillo

Worship Team

Isabella Gonzalez -Worship team leader

Brianna Jaramillo, Kari Villalpando, Eddie Murillo, Elisha Evans, Reuben Jaramillo Jr, Terry Scheckles.

Racine Church worship team

Children’s Ministry

Brianna Jaramillo- Children’s Ministry Director
Brenesha Allen, Becky Tourville

Nursery Ministry

Kari Villalpando, Sonya Hernandez, Marta (Tita) Garcias.

Childrens and Nursewry minstry Racine WI

Teen Leaders

Brian Gonzalez, Isabella Gonzalez

The Light Ahead (AODA Recovery Ministry)

Scott Tourville, Becky Tourville, Peg Larson

At Gospel Church

We are seeking to reach the who so ever with the truth of the gospel.

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