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Pastors Tony & Elida
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Meet the Pastors

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Pastors Tony and Elida have been together for a loooong time! 28 be exact (they shacked up for 5 yrs. before marriage AND before salvation, of course.), so that means they’ve been married for 23 yrs. They have 6 children along with 2 amazing sons-in-law. They have been blessed with 8 wonderful grandchildren and one special niece who they’ve taken under their wings.

Pastor Tony is often referred to as the Italian Fireball. When you hear him preach, you’ll know why. He delivers a message with passion in a way that reveals the truth and hopes we have in Christ. You can expect to occasionally laugh. maybe cry, but we hope you leave feeling like he’s been used by God to speak to you. Oh, and you may even hear Pastor Tony open with a rap song (he’s got bars).

Pastors Tony and Elida

Pastor Elida, well she’s short. She’s often referred to as the short Mexican lady or his wife. Although both are true, she’d rather be referred to as Pastor Elida or just Elida. You may find Pastor Elida hiding up in the balcony by the sound booth ( hey, at least she’s honest about her issues ). She loves to teach the word of God and share the wonderful miracles and testimonies she’s seen in her life. Ask her about them and you’ll see her open up. Although she doesn’t preach often when she does get ready to hear her reveal the truths of the Bible with her whole heart and present them as brilliant jewels. After hearing her you’ll leave wanting to learn more for yourself.

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